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In addition to efficiency, Symotion focuses on the quality and sustainability of the services it offers its customers.
The highly sensitive and sometimes hazardous raw materials and products must remain unscathed during loading and unloading and be delivered to the customer in perfect condition. To achieve this, Symotion observes hygiene and hazardous goods regulations as well as cold chain requirements.

Sustainable perations

Symotion bears great responsibility for reaching its economic goals, but also for working sustainably to benefit the environment, its employees and society. The company’s economic model has long been based on conserving resources to the greatest extent possible. This includes, for example, decreasing diesel consumption for internal transportation by optimizing routes, shortening journeys or using electric vehicles. By using LED technology in the warehouses, Symotion has reduced its yearly consumption of kilowatt hours by half. Furthermore, Symotion saves over 250 tons of CO2 every year by documenting cargo records electronically.


less fuel consumption annually for internal transports.


550.000 km

fewer in transport trips and a reduction in CO2 pollution.

2,230.8 kg CO2

reduction through the use of an electric vehicle.


The infrastructure at the warehouses is also state-of-the-art. For example, Symotion’s vehicle fleet includes:

  1. side loaders
  2. low-lift platform trucks
  3. swap body trucks
  4. Unimogs with various attachments
  5. forklifts and stacker cranes

Training, continuing education and professional development programs at Symotion are up-to-date. Depending on the area, Symotion employees possess all the necessary qualifications such as ADR, forklift, crane operator or commercial
driver’s licenses. They are certified to train forklift drivers and load securing specialists and to provide instruction in accordance with Section 43 of the German Infection Protection Act.

Symotion is a so-called regulated agent, which means that the company can package and ship goods so that they do not need to be X-rayed again at the airport. This status simplifies and accelerates many processes along the transportation chain so they can be completed faster.

The employees must comply with the strict regulations of the German Federal Aviation Office, which inspects the work at irregular intervals and unannounced. They are familiar with all specifications for air cargo packaging and all international regulations; on average, Symotion delivers to about 25 different countries per day.

For example, the air cargo team ensures that the goods are protected from manipulation, conducts a security screening of the truck drivers who deliver and pick up air cargo, and cooperates closely with specialized shippers at the airport. In the process, they differentiate between regular air cargo and specialized shipments, which may be carried by cargo but not passenger aircraft.

Symotion ensures high quality in all areas and backs this through extensive certification:

  1. LBA regulated agent
  2. DIN EN ISO 9001
  3. DIN EN ISO 14001
  4. DIN EN ISO 50001
  5. DIN EN ISO 45001
  6. IFS Logistics (International Featured Standard Logistics)
  1. Kosher and halal standard
  2. HACCP standard
  3. ISO 28000 management systems for the supply chain
  4. GDP – Good Distribution Practice of medicinal products for human use (2015/C95/01)

Organic standards

  2. Ecocert

  1. NOP

Symrise, Tesium and Symotion store and process numerous chemical substances at the Weser and Solling plants. They serve as raw materials and additives for the production of fragrances and flavors. Whenever these substances are present above a certain limit, the Hazardous Incident Ordinance applies (12. BimSchV – officially the “Twelfth regulation for the implementation of the Federal Immission Control Act”). This categorizes the different hazardous substances and obliges us to prevent or limit incidents.

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