Cookie Policy

With this policy we would like to inform you about what cookies are and which cookies we use on our website.

Due to changes in the law or our internal processes may require to adapt this Cookie Policy, we encourage you to review this Cookie Policy periodically. The Cookie Policy can be retrieved, stored and printed at any time.

§ 1 What are Cookies

Cookies are small files that, during your visit on our sites, are sent from our websites to the browser of your device and stored there. Some functions of our website cannot be provided without the usage of technically necessary Cookies. Other Cookies allow us to run different types of analyses. Cookies are, for example, able to recognize the browser you used on your renewed visit on our website and can transfer different kinds of information to us. With the help of Cookies we are able to enhance our service for our customers and make it more effective. All this is done through the comprehension of your use of our website and your preferred settings (e.g. Country and Language settings). As far as Third Parties process your information through Cookies, they do so directly from your Browser. Cookies do not cause any damage to your device. They cannot run programs and do not contain viruses.

1. First Party Cookies

So-called First Party Cookies are stored by us, Symotion.

2. Third Party Cookies

Third Party Cookies are data sets written in text form, which are stored on the browser or device of the user upon visit of a website. They are not installed by the controller of the website, but by a Third Party Provider. In contrast to First Party Cookies, the obtained information are also accessible for the provider of the respective Third Party Cookie. Third Party Cookies allow us to know the amount of visits to the website, the average duration of website visits or identify the websites visited.

3. Transient Cookies

On our website we use Transient Cookies, which are automatically deleted as soon as you close your browser. This type of Cookies allows us to identify your session ID, which permits us to allocate different inquiries of your browser to one joint session. Therefore, we are then able to recognize your device during a later visit to our website within one session.

4. Persistent-Cookies

We also use Persistent Cookies on our website. Persistent Cookies are Cookies that are stored on your browser over a longer period of time and transfer information to us. The respective storage period varies between the different Cookies. You can delete Persistent Cookies manually through your browser’s settings.

§ 2 Legal Basis for the Use of Cookies

The Legal Basis for the processing of so-called technically necessary Cookies is our legitimate interest in the processing of personal data according to Article. 6 (1) lit. f) GDPR. The personal data are deleted as soon as they are no longer necessary for this purpose. For technically not necessary Cookies, respectively Third Party Cookies and Social Media as well as Marketing Cookies, we need your consent. If you have given us your consent through the notice shown on our website (“Cookie-Banner”), the Legal Basis for the processing of your data is Article 6 (1) lit. a) GDPR. As soon as the information transferred through the Cookies is no longer necessary to fulfil the above-mentioned purpose, they will be deleted. A longer storage period may be applicable if required by law.

§ 3 Configuration of Your Browser

The management of the Cookies settings is possible through the setting options below or by configuration of your browser settings. Most browsers accept automatically all Cookies by default. However, you can either configure your respective browser to only accept specific types of Cookies, or none at all. Through your browser settings you may delete already stored Cookies or look up their storage period. Furthermore, it is possible to configure your browser to notify you before Cookies are stored. Since each respective browser may differ from another in their respective functionality, we ask you to use the respective help menu of your browser. If you would like a detailed overview of all access of Third Parties on your internet browser, we recommend the installation of plugins specifically designed for such a purpose.

§ 4 Rejection of Cookies

In the case that you reject Cookies for the future, which we are only allowed to store in conjunction with your consent, the setting will be saved. We emphasize that deactivating Cookies through browser setting or directly on our website may result in you not being able to use the full functionality of our website. If you would like to delete Cookies from Third Parties, you may only do so for earlier sessions through your browser settings.

§ 5 Manage Cookie Settings

If you have agreed to the use of cookies on you can change your Cookie Settings according to your preferences at any time by clicking on the link “Manage Cookie Settings” in the footer of the website.

§ 6 Technically necessary Cookies

These Cookies are necessary for technical reasons, so that you may visit our website and may use the functions provided by us. Furthermore, these Cookies allow a secure and correct use of our website. The technical necessary cookies are always active.

The following necessary Cookies are stored by visiting our website

ProviderNamePurposeStorage Period
Symotion GmbHpll_languageWordPress Polylang Cookie1 year
Symotion GmbHcookie_allowUsed to store the cookie consent status of the user1 year

§ 7 Performance-related Cookies, tracking and analytics tools

These Cookies make it possible for us to analyse the way you use our website and through that improve the performance and the functionality of our website. Information gathered relates to the way our visitors use our website, which pages are visited most, and if certain pages show error messages. In some cases, these cookies can improve the speed with which we can process your request as they allow us to remember site preferences that you have selected. In case these group of Cookies is selected the collected information about you may be transferred outside the European Economic Area as described in our Privacy Policy, in particular to the US. Any further illegitimate processing or transfers of your data caused by the providers of these Cookies cannot be prevented by us and therefore remains beyond our sphere of influence.

The following Performance-related Cookies are stored by visiting our website:

Provider Name Purpose Storage Period
Google Analytics _gid Google Analytics tracking Cookie used to throttle the request rate 24 hours
Google Analytics _gat_UA- Universal Google Analytics ID 1 minute
Google Analytics _ga Google Analytics tracking Cookie used to identify users 2 year

§ 8 Functional Cookies, Social Media and Marketing Cookies

We do not use functional cookies and similar technologies as well as Social Media and Marketing Cookies (provided by third-parties).