Symotion offers exciting jobs in a growing industry.

The company places great value on continuing education and professional development to constantly improve processes for customers. Employees simultaneously stay up-to-date with the latest technologies regarding food handling safety or the management of hazardous goods. Occupational safety and health management also play an important role at Symotion.

Open positions


Symotion enables young people to successfully launch their careers. Trainees regularly take part in internal and external training sessions and complete stations in all departments on an ongoing basis. The company offers training programs for the following occupations:

Specialist for warehouse logistics

Are you passionate about organization and order? As a
specialist for warehouse logistics, you will make sure processes are seamless so that everything is where it belongs. You will accept goods, control them, and store them appropriately. You will also put together shipments and itineraries. Your tasks also include the loading and shipment of goods.

good secondary school certificate
Duration of training: 3 years

What you will learn

  • 1 Storage and shipping of all kinds of goods such as active ingredients, food, hazardous substances and chemical products
  • 2 Operation of a wide variety of industrial trucks and operate with SAP-based warehouse management systems
  • 3 Storage, retrieval and transport taking into account the licensing and legal requirements
  • 4 Storage, retrieval and transport taking into account the licensing and legal requirements
  • 5 Management and coordination of stocks in accordance with the respective storage conditions
  • 6 Professional provision and customized labeling of goods for transport
  • 7 Loading of the trucks and provision of the necessary freight documents – documentation of all important business processes with the help of the SAP system

Professional development is possible in these areas

  • 1 Master in warehouse management
  • 2 Logistics master
  • 3 Transport specialist
  • 4 Technical Manager
  • 5 Training seminars for managers in the warehouse area

Freight forwarding and logistics services agent

How do goods arrive from A to B in a safe, timely and affordable manner? As a freight forwarding and logistics services agent, you are the architect of the transportation sector. You organize the shipping, handling and storage of goods, and sell logistics services . In so doing, you observe relevant legal regulations, environmental issues, and operational guidelines.

good secondary school certificate, degree from a vocational business school, high school diploma
Duration of training: 3 years

What you will learn

  • 1 Proper planning, organization and arrangement of the entire flow of goods, from their arrival to their storage and shipment
  • 2 Establishment of specific customer requirements and consultation regarding the transport of goods
  • 3 Determination of the right modes of transport and their availability at the right time for optimal loading
  • 4 Request and assessment of price quotes from the logistics and transport market
  • 5 Creation of logistics and transport offers for our customers
  • 6 Participation in the expansion of networks in the transport and logistics sector
  • 7 Development of logistics concepts
  • 8 Correspondence with our international customers in German and English

Professional development is possible in these areas

  • 1 Transportation administrator
  • 2 Business administrator

Continuing education and professional development

Continuing education and professional development are included in company targets and highly valued at Symotion. These are organized and documented within the framework of a detailed training program. Regular training is carried out in the areas of hazardous goods, aviation safety, cargo safety and forklift operation. In addition, committed employees can obtain better qualifications for their area of work, or a higher vocational qualification to improve their professional potential.

Work safety

The company ensures that employees are able to work in complete safety. The occupational safety teams provide information, consultation and support to prevent work and commuting accidents, occupational illness and work-related hazards. The teams determine which occupational health and safety measures must be observed by the company and the insured parties based on applicable occupational rules and regulations. Technical and organizational protection measures are just as important as personal protective equipment.

Health Management

Symotion participates in the company health management program operated by its parent company Symrise. In addition to generally applicable and prescribed measures, the company also lends its support to addiction prevention, for example, or offers ergonomics counseling, yoga, aqua jogging, tai chi, nutrition counseling and much more.

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