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„Sensitive goods belong in the right hands!“ Jens Bädje
Managing Director, Symotion GmbH

With its specialized logistics services, Symotion ensures that a vast array of products such as hazardous chemical materials, foods and cosmetic ingredients are available to our customers in the required quantity and quality at the agreed time and at the right place. In doing so, Symotion meets the highest safety and quality standards.

As a fully consolidated subsidiary of Symrise AG and an independent logistics provider, the company has a lot of experience. It is always up-to-date with the latest technologies and adjusts its processes according to current demand. Its approximately 185 employees have expanded their know-how over decades and sharpen their skills on an ongoing basis. The external customers, for whom Symotion develops tailored solutions, also benefit from this.

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employees worked at five Symotion locations in 2019.



tons were handled by Symotion in 2019 – from hazardous substances of a chemical nature to foodstuffs and active ingredients for cosmetics.



euros in sales were generated by Symotion in 2019, with this figure trending upward over time.



deliveries to customers throughout the world are made by Symotion annually.



spaces are available for storage at Symotion.



euros of freight volume is what Symotion is responsible for each year.



delivery items is the annual order volume.



tons of goods were shipped to customers by Symotion in 2019.


Our story at a glance

Symrise, the parent company of Symotion, was established in 2003 through the merger of the Haarmann & Reimer (founded in 1874) and Dragoco (founded in 1919) companies. The new stock corporation’s initial public offering took place in 2006 and the share is listed today in the MDAX index of the German stock exchange. Logistics have been of great importance throughout the company’s history because raw materials have long been sourced from all over the world and products are quickly exported to all continents. Symotion GmbH was founded at the time of the IPO as a fully consolidated subsidiary of Symrise AG to also provide external companies with its services, skills and experience.