Symrise AG is a fast-growing global provider of fragrance and flavoring ingredients, cosmetic active ingredients and raw materials as well as functional ingredients, with annual sales of € 3,154 million (2019). Employees of the fully consolidated subsidiary of the MDAX-listed company therefore know very well that hazardous goods and sensitive products require special logistics solutions. Symotion’s portfolio offers customers all the important logistical services.

Symotion employees work with customers to determine which logistics solutions are most economical and sustainable. Solutions range from detailed consultation and tailored processes to comprehensive process optimization.

Consulting services

  • 1 Preparation of coordinated consulting packages
  • 2 Qualified weak point and potential analyses of logistics processes
  • 3 Planning an optimal material flow
  • 4 Determination of hidden costs
  • 5 Increasing transparency in logistics processes

Supply chain management

Symotion experts help customers optimize supply chain management by analyzing and improving operational processes as well as external and internal processes, such as human resource allocation. Long-term process optimization requires ongoing process management. Symotion can, for example, provide support with resource-oriented process-based cost accounting, lay down a specific and detailed definition of logistics costs, and suggest appropriate optimization measures.

Services for process optimization and controlling

  • 1 Development of process-oriented logistics planning
  • 2 Precise and detailed determination of logistics costs thanks to resource-oriented, activity-based costing with the appropriate software
  • 3 Reorganization of the customer’s process organization
  • 4 Continuous process management
  • 5 Reduction of costs, lead times and inventories
  • 6 Optimizing the service level and complaints handling
  • 7 Developing and implementing supply chain management concepts

The highly qualified Symotion employees know how to store, order pick, load and ship highly flammable products, hazardous materials and cosmetic ingredients. They are familiar with all hygiene and food regulations – not last because they have managed the wide-ranging raw material and product portfolio of the Symrise parent company for decades.

In addition to consulting, Symotion therefore offers its services, to all other customers in the form of contract logistics. For example, employees take over the handling of lithium-ion batteries or ingredients for the pharmaceutical industry. They also organize the import and export of goods for customers from the USA and manage freight tenders and transportation by ship, plane or truck. On top of that, Symotion designs and manages high-quality warehouses in open and transparent collaboration with all customers.

Symotion employees visit customers to analyze, then organize and audit their logistics — from shipment processing to goods receipt, and from packaging to loading.

The benefits at a glance:

  1. Cost savings
  2. Focus on core competencies
  3. Higher capacity utilization
  4. Increased supply availability
  5. Increased competitiveness
  6. Increased logistics chain efficiency

Symotion specializes in handling and storing hazardous materials. To facilitate this, the company has upgraded all its sites with the latest technology. The 55,000 storage spaces provide warehousing for hazardous materials of all kinds in compliance with the German Federal Water Act, TRGS 510, and the Ordinance on Industrial Safety and Health (BetrSichV). Temperatures can be adjusted as needed between 5°C and 28°C.

The strengths of Symotion

  • 1 Flammable, toxic, corrosive and environmentally hazardous substances
  • 2 Substances hazardous to water (Section 1–3 of the Water Hazard Classes [WGK])
  • 3 Temperature-controlled hazardous substances (5 to 28°C)
  • 4 Lithium-ion batteries
„Hazardous materials include materials that, because of at least one of their properties or due to their condition, may present a hazard to life or health during transport.“

Storage classes of goods

  • 3 Flammable liquid substances
  • 4.1A Flammable solids
  • 4.1B Flammable solids
  • 5.1A Flammable substances
  • 5.1B Flammable substances
  • 5.1C Flammable products
  • 5.2 Organic peroxides
  • 6.1A Flammable toxic substances
  • 6.1B Non-flammable toxic substances
  • 8A Flammable corrosive substances
  • 8B Non-combustible corrosive substances
  • 9 Flammable liquids
  • 10 Combustible solids
  • 11 Combustible solids
  • 12 Non-flammable liquids
  • 13 Non-flammable solids

Cold chains can be disrupted by poorly isolated packaging; foods can be damaged or spoil through inadequate carton packaging; hazardous materials and chemicals can leak when unsuitable containers are used. Any of these events can result in environmental damage or cause the company to lose money or suffer irreversible reputational damage. Therefore, choosing the right packaging – for storage or transport – is crucial in logistics.

„Employees at Symotion provide advice on packaging and packaging technology, in order to ensure that the logistics chain is perfectly and individually tailored to the products.“

Packaging services

  • 1 Comprehensive consultation and support in the selection of packaging materials
  • 2 Optimization of packaging in terms of its functionality, cost, sustainability, etc.
  • 3 Standardization of existing packaging materials
  • 4 Consideration of new packaging in line with all relevant criteria
  • 5 Review and improvement of testing methods for packaging materials

For Symotion, logistics include not only storage but all other services that assist customers and simultaneously make the entire process safer and more efficient.

Furthermore, Symotion offers continuing education and professional development: The company instructors who address the topic of cargo safety personally deal with hazardous goods in all hazard classes every day. They can explain all the statutory obligations and requirements in a practice-oriented manner. Instructors analyze the customer’s situation prior to the seminars in order to offer the employees the best possible training.

Our additional services

  • 1 Tender management
  • 2 Sample drawing and product testing
  • 3 Forklift management
  • 4 Picking and packing
  • 5 Sorting work and packaging
  • 6 Filling, decanting and mixing, as well as the picking and sorting of hazardous substances
  • 7 Picking and sorting of hazardous materials
  • 8 Viewing of inventories via web interface
  • 9 BBD, batch management and traceability
„Symotion also offers seminars with its own instructors for acquiring a forklift license, as well as recurrent training required by law, at the customer’s site or at Symotion’s warehouses.“

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