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Ausschreibungsmanagement, Musterziehung, Produktprüfung, Staplermanagement, Kommissionierung, Konfektionierung, Sortierarbeiten, Verpacken, Abfüllung, Schulungen, Staplerschein

We offer many logistics services to help your company be safer, more efficient and more modern. We can achieve optimal relief and added value, which pays off for your company.

We offer the following extra services:

Tender management

  • Sampling and product testing
  • Forklift management
  • Order picking and assembly
  • Sorting work and packaging
  • Filling, decanting and mixing of hazardous substances
  • Training
  •  Forklift license
  • Cargo securing

Our continued education and advanced training offerings:

Cargo Securing Seminar

The Cargo Securing Seminar is carried out by our instructor. The latter are certified moderators in the Cargo Securing Program of the German Transport Safety Council

Certification / re-certification is carried out by the GSV GmbH, a subsidiary of the association for Occupational Health and Safety in German Transportation AGV e.V., which belongs to the

Berufsgenossenschaft für Fahrzeughaltungen (BGF) (Professional Association for Vehicle Owners). Amongst other things, as representatives for cargo securing in our company, in their daily practical work our instructors deal with dangerous goods of diverse dangerous goods categories that are loaded regularly. This ensures that all legal obligations and regulations are applied and communicated in a practical way.

Our instructors conduct prior on-site appraisal and consulting in order to carry out optimal training for our employees. The seminars are carried out on-site and with max. 15 people per training session.

Seminar – Forklift License:

We carry out seminars to acquire a forklift operator license with our own instructors, as well as statutory recurrent training. These can take place on your site or ours, within the framework of continuing education measures for own employees. Dates for all seminars can be found under News on our website. The number of participants per training session is max. 10 people.

Our Aviation Security Services:

Symotion GmbH, subsidiary of Symrise AG, fulfills the basic standards of aviation security and has been certified as a “Regulated Agent” according to EU regulations.

For you this means:

  • We fulfil all aviation security standards
  • We are authorized as a “Regulated agent”
  • We simplified secure air freight shipping

In July 2011 Symotion GmbH introduced the basic standards and had them verified by the German FAA. As a regulated agent Symotion commits to protecting air freight from unauthorized access, as well as ensuring that only authorized employees within the company receive access to sensitive premises and areas. The status of regulated agent simplifies and speeds up many transport chain processes, so that they can be transacted more quickly.

Speak to us. We would be happy to put together an individual offer regarding our extra services.

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