One thing is clear – we protect what is entrusted to us

Next to quality and economic efficiency of our services, security and environmental protection are equally important business goals for Symotion. Environmentally responsible action to protect the environment and the natural basis of life our top priority and are practiced daily at Symotion.

Over and above these existent guiding company principles, Symotion feels responsible towards Symrise AG’s "Corporate Social Responsibility" (Social Responsibility/Sustainable Development), to continuously improve services for security, health and environmental protection regardless of legal requirements.

Environmental protection is already practiced in the integrated concept of services, processes and facilities (Compare UMS according to DIN ISO 14001). As far as possible and practical, this always translates to efficient energies and resources usage. We are happy to enter this voluntary commitment, since it assures and advances the future viability of our company.

We already integrate environmental protection when we plan our services, processes and facilities (See UMS according to DIN ISO 14001). This means

that we deploy energy and resources as efficiently as possible. Therefore already in the fore field Symotion strives to reduce wasting valuable resources and polluting the environment.

In the interest of the client the consistently high quality of all services is the highest priority. For this reason Symotion is certified according to DIN ISO 9001 in all operational areas. These not only means quality and security, but also complete information and documentation of all processing steps.

In order to achieve the environmental and security relevant company goals, Symotion has committed to an Integrated Management System (IMS). With this independent goals are defined in the sectors of process security, environmental protection, system security, emergency response, occupational security and health protection and the further development of an IMS, which:

  • fulfils external requirements, such as laws, regulations and regulatory limitations for ex.
  • takes internal company, site-specific and operational requirements into consideration.
  • is oriented towards increasing efficiency and continuous improvements through regular audits.

The requirements of the Hazardous Incident Ordinance of 2005 with regard to security management systems (SMS) are integrated in this IMS.

Our Commitment – A Secure Future.

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