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We have the necessary knowledge and current security technology for the storage of your sensitive goods, as well as hazardous substances.

We are not only specialists for dangerous goods shipping, but also have excellent expertise in handling and storing dangerous goods. We offer you secure and environmentally-friendly storage of your dangerous goods with the latest technology at our sites in Holzminden und Bevern.

What are Hazardous Substances?

In general hazardous substances are materials that are designated as dangerous for life and health during transportation due to at least one of their characteristics or states, which could endanger public safety / order or public property (See details in the German Transport of Hazardous Goods Law (GGBefG)). Dangerous goods are divided into various storage categories.

Symotion facilitates the secure and environmentally compatible storage of your dangerous goods possible with state of the art technology

At our locations in Holzminden and Bevern we store normal and dangerous goods of all kinds in approx. 43,000 Storage spaces, also at warehouse temperatures between 5°C and 28°C.

Storage of the following VCI storage categories is possible:

  • 3 - Flammable liquid substances (Flashpoint of 55 degrees C)
  • 4 4.1A - Flammable solid substances (2. SprengV: Warehouse Group I-III)
  • 4.1B - Flammable solid substances (EG-Method A 10)
  • 4.2 - Spontaneously flammable substances
  • 5 5.1A - Oxidizing substances (TRGS 515 Group 1)
  • 6 5.1B - Oxidizing substances (TRGS 515 Group 2+3)
  • 7 5.1C- Oxidizing products, assigned to Groups A to C of the TRGS 511
  • 8 5.2 - Organic peroxide
  • 9 6.1A - Flammable toxic substances
  • 10 6.1B – Non-flammable toxic substances
  • 11 8 A - Flammable corrosive substances
  • 12 8 B – Non-flammable corrosive substances
  • 13 10 - Flammable liquid substances in so far as not LGK 3A resp. LGK 3B
  • 14 11 - Flammable solid substances
  • 15 12 - Non-flammable liquids in non-flammable packaging
  • 16 13 - Non-flammable solids in non-flammable packaging

Dangerous Goods Storage evidently takes place of course in accordance with:

  • Water Resources Act (WHG)
  • Industrial Safety Regulations (BetrSichV)

We have the necessary knowledge and current security technology for the storage of your sensitive goods, also for dangerous substances. Speak to us. We are happy to advise you regarding the correct storage of dangerous substances or storage of your goods with us.

Our achievement – simply be secure.

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