In order to be so good, we have to constantly do better.

We put great emphasis on CIP, which is a reliable and proven instrument of our quality management. Only this flexibility allows us to adapt to a constantly changing market and grow steadily. Thus we ensure our competitiveness and can guarantee a stable product and service quality for our clients. In order to comply internally and communicate these demands and performance standards, we have been certified according to Quality Management Norm ISO 9001.This certificate is regularly checked and creates a continuous secure quality of work. In order to fulfil certification standards we are constantly active, checking and documenting the implementation of measures determined to improve our processes. CIP is thus an indispensable component of quality management and an essential element of our daily work. This concerns all areas of our business: from sales through to project execution, shipping and logistics as well as management. Hence complying with continuous improvement processes requires great commitment from employees and a high degree of responsibility and communication. This corporate culture guarantees constant examination of effectivity and expediency and creates permanent optimization of all company-relevant processes.

CIP is a reliable and proven instrument of our quality management through which we can achieve much:


  • permanent further development of company processes.
  • a profound effect on process improvement.
  • improved and comprehensive understanding of the entire value-added chain (supply chain)
  • furthered collaboration and communication between the different departments and locations avoiding non-value-adding activities
  • improving business processes in operative and administrative areas.
  • an optimization of cleanliness, order and security.

CIP – Continuous Improvement Process

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